About Us

Thomas Peabody was born and raised in Midcoast Maine: by living in such a rich yet undiscovered place he is able to paint by inspiration and imagination. With each painting, Thomas likes taking physical subjects, such as a location and paint it so others can visually and mentally use it to capture a hidden emotion or feeling.

Thomas has always painted using oil, he loves the feeling of the colors the oil medium deliver to a canvas, during the painting process and while viewing the final product. This medium, is the perfect way of painting what Thomas loves which is the natural world.

About Thomas Peabody Art

To Thomas nature isn’t just a place out in the country, it isn’t a place you get lost in, it is a place or the place you are surrounded by your entire life, nature is earth, its home, that is the though of this artist every time a painting is created, to capture a piece of the world, starting close to home.